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What the Chatbot Can Handle?

Room Booking Requests

We can implement the flows to respond your potential customers who are looking for a room. Receive automatic emails with the customer booking requests and get in touch with them! or show them available rooms’ pictures and prices for direct booking.

Transfer Requests

Enable your guests to book an airport transfer directly thru the Bot.

Check-in Requests

We can trigger our Check-in Online process directly form the ChatBot. Start receiving check-in requests from your guests through the chat!

Hotel Info

Let your ChatBot answer all those repetitive questions your staff have to handle everyday. All about facilities, breakfast timings, wifi availability and whatever you like the ChatBot to handle.

Room issues

Guests can also report any issue through the ChatBot to have everything under control during its stay.


Allow the ChatBot ask your guests to fulfill satisfaction or service surveys. Easy and simple survey’s fulfillment for your guests through the chat.

Services Reservation

Your guests will be able to make reservation requests to the ChatBot about restaurants, SPA, massages, room service, etc..


Make recommendations about what to do or where to go. Your Guests’ personalized service!

Experiences or Activities

Tours, restaurants, shows….let your ChatBot propose your activities to your guests!

People like a Prompt and Personalized Service

Engage with your guests through the chat